We Got Inked: 2019 420 Art Show

We Got Inked: 2019 420 Art Show

This past weekend, we decided to celebrate 420 with a little ink and a couple hundred of our new neighbors in Bend, OR. We were honored to team up with Iron Elephant here in our hometown of Bend and highlight some killer tattoo artists from around town. Despite the rainy evening, free Pub Beer and the chance to celebrate the holidaze didn’t stop Bendites from coming out to see the art.

Six artists from around the Bend area and one from Austin, TX volunteered their time and talents to each tattoo an Eyce Beaker. Tattooing silicone rather than skin brings a unique set of challenges and requires more time and effort, but each artist brought their A game. Each Beaker was wildly different and allowed the artists to really embrace their creative energy.

First up to bat were the pieces from the host, Iron Elephant. The crew down at Iron Elephant did not disappoint, with a trifecta of killer pieces. Artist Andrew Parker created an awesome piece that really played off the vibes from one of our newest colors, Creature Green. Drew’s piece was loaded creepy, leggy beasts up and down the stem and wrapped up in a slew of webs. Iron Elephant’s Michele took her Magenta Beaker in a completely different direction. The only artist to use full color, you could feel Michele’s bright orange koi swimming off the beaker. Here tattooing was beautiful and femine and really highlighted her talent with coloring. The last piece from Iron Elephant was created by the shop’s owner, Chris “Calli” Callister. Calli opted for a Fuego Beaker, a Beaker whose colors already make it scream personality. Calli created a piece that paired perfectly with the bright colors of the Beaker. His under the sea creatures, loaded with scales were illustrated beautifully with crisp, bold line work.

The artists from Dragonfly Body Art kept the nautical, underwater theme rolling through the show. Artists Connie Gabbert created a complete underwater utopia filled with warm ocean vibes, sea life and all around summer feels. Her counterpart, Timothy Ground, made waves, literally, with his piece. Timothy created a Beaker completely covered in beautiful rolling waves, giving the piece a clean, easy vibe. The last piece came all the way from Pete Gilcrease out of Steadfast in Austin, TX. Pete’s piece was by far the trippiest and most traditional. Loaded with attentive eyes and intricate roses, the red Beaker is a testament to tattooing.

Each Beaker is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that embodies each artist. We’re truly thankful that each artist dedicated his and her hard work and time to these pieces. To say thank you to our community and each of the artists who donated their talents, the original pieces are currently available for sale on our website. All proceeds from the tattooed Beakers will be donated to a non-profit that helps at risk youth in Central Oregon.

From all of us here at Eyce, we want to give a big ol’ thank you to all the artists and everyone who came out. We’re super stoked to be embracing our new home here in Central Oregon and are looking forward to celebrating many more 420s with all you gnarly people. Cheers!