Music for your 420 Festivities

Music for your 420 Festivities

If you ask me, Eyce and music go together like Sonny and Cher, Daft and Punk, Kanye and Kanye. I can’t name a more iconic duo. There’s nothing like packing your Spoon, sitting back, and hitting play on a killer playlist. The music fills your head and everything fades away.

Music is at the backbone of many moments in our life. Paired with a session, the two have of a type of synergy, with a neurological and sense experience that work simultaneously. Music helps to fill a room in social settings for smoking with others and leads to a better solitary experience when smoking alone.

It’s honestly no surprise that according to research, CBD and music have many of the same therapeutic qualities such as pain relief, reduced anxiety, and a better connection with your surroundings. Both serve as distraction from woes and a tool to create a community with like minded individuals because let’s face it, when both are good, life is good.

Exploring the relationship between smoking and music can be a personal journey. Taste and preferences are something that are unique to an individual. It may take time and experimenting to find the perfect material and the perfect genre that helps you reach your greatest level of Zen.

With 420 right around the corner, we at Eyce decided to put together a playlist, a 420 Starter Pack if you will. Because music and Eyce have such an intimate relationship, we know the value of a solid playlist.

Check out our first Spotify playlist, just in time for the holiday. Our playlist is a solid collection of music for any type of session and strand. It’s the playlist for the people, the perfect background noise for whatever or wherever your 420 takes you. Happy holidaze y’all!