Counterfeits are a huge problem in our industry. It is important that you the customer understand how to spot a counterfeit product so you don't get dooped! 

Knockoff products are made with low quality standards. They are most likely made with a Peroxide cured silicone, and who knows what else! Compared to authentic Eyce products which are made with 100% Platinum Cured FDA Certified Silicone. They are always inspected for the highest quality by our quality control staff. 

Another good clue is to always look for official Eyce Markings underneath the products. 

If you know of or find a store or website carrying counterfeits, please notify us right away.

Don't be fooled! Know how to spot a counterfeit. 

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Eyce Molds, Rig, Fake, Counterfeit, Knockoff

Eyce Molds, Bubbler, fake, comparison, counterfeit, knockoff