Eyce silicone pipes are rugged, durable, and designed for the most epic of smoke sessions. If your piece is accidentally damaged, burnt, dropped off a cliff or cut in half by a samurai ninja, we will replace it no questions asked. Yes, that’s right, we’ll even replace broken glass. 


What is covered by the Lifetime Warranty? 

The Eyce Lifetime Warranty covers all products in the Eyce Silicone Collection. These products include the Eyce Spoon, Shorty, Hammer, Rig II, Beaker, Mini Beaker, Sidecar, and Collector. The Lifetime Warranty also covers the Eyce Peak Attachment and Limited Edition Box Sets.



When filing a warranty claim, photos of damaged products and proof of purchase are required. Please be sure to complete your claim before discarding of broken pieces.

Within 1 Year of Purchase: 1 time, free replacement for glass or metal pieces and free replacement for silicone parts for any kind of damage or defect. Break it, tear it, burn it - we’ll replace it.

After 1 Year of Purchase: Free replacement for silicone parts for any kind of manufacturer’s defect.

Shipping and handling fees may apply and vary depending on location.   


Purchases made at eycemolds.com
All Eyce Silicone Collection products purchased directly on eycemolds.com are automatically registered. No registration necessary.
Click here to File a Warranty Claim.

Purchases made at an authorized retailer
Products purchased from an authorized Eyce dealer must be registered within 30 days of purchase or you aren't covered, period.
Click here to complete a product registration.

Lifetime Warranty does not cover accessories purchased separately, clothing, lifestyle accessories, or items that are lost or stolen. 

Read our complete Lifetime Warranty Details and Policies here. 


Within 30 days: Free exchange + shipping/handling for a color/style change. Product must be unused and in its original packaging. 
After 30 days: No returns or exchanges accepted.




    Within 30 days: No questions asked refund upon return. Product must be unused and in its original packaging.  




      NOTICE: Eyce reserves the right to amend this Warranty Policy at any time by posting the amended terms on this page. As well, Eyce and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse a warranty for any reason. Our warranty program is designed to protect you against accidental occurrences and manufactures defects. Eyce will do its best due diligence to decide if your product was damaged intentionally, products damaged intentionally will not be covered by warranty. Eyce also reserves the right to charge various shipping and handling fees depending on the scenario and the number of claims filed by the same customer. When a customer repeatedly files warranty claims for the same issue, the handling charges may increase. 



      For more information, please visit our Lifetime Warranty Policy page or Contact Us directly with any further questions.