Eyce Silicone Cleaning Solution

Eyce Introduces New Silicone Cleaner

Silicone has become increasingly popular in the smoke world over the past few years, largely in part because of Eyce's revolutionary pipe designs. With the continued popularity of the material of silicone, Eyce knew it's customers were in need of a solution for cleaning and caring for their beloved silicone pipes. After over a year of R&D and trial and error, the solution for cleaning silicone was finally developed. And, who better top bring it to you than the company that brought you the silicone pipe that you love, Eyce. 

Eyce's Silicone Cleaner is the worlds first and only cleaning solution specifically formulated for cleaning your silicone smoking essentials. The revolutionary formula is plant based, non toxic, and designed to remove that nasty gunk build up from the inside of your pipes. The best part, the cleaner has NO ALCOHOL! Meaning, it won't hurt your silicone the way other cleaners will. On top of that, Eyce's Silicone Cleaner has no dyes, no fragrances, no paragons, no glutens, no hormones, it is completely free and clear. Grab one of our 8oz bottles today to keep your silicone fresh like the day you bought it! Cleaning silicone is easy with Eyce Silicone Cleaner.


Also works on glass, stone, metal, tile, ceramic. 

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